Novel Cinderella Tears: Hailey's Story (Context Page)

Novel Cinderella Tears: Hailey's Story (Context Page)


Saturday, April 27, 2019

Chapter One: Part 1 of 3

~9 years later, Wednesday Night, 8th June, Sydney

Twenty-seven years old, Hailey Walker walked down the street of Sydney’s City. It was a freezing cold night, but the streets of the city’s night, was just as busy as always. In front of her, there is a MacDonald, a movie cinema, a 24-hour Korean Restaurant and a 24-hour Chinese Restaurant. Across the street there is, a five-storage tall shopping Centre, above the shopping Centre there is a twenty-storage tall apartment block.

There are two ways to get into the apartment block that is above the shopping Centre, one is via the elevator inside the shopping Centre, but it requires an elevator key to get there, which only the residents have, another way is via the doorway on the side of the apartment complex.

It was almost half pass ten at night and the shopping Centre was already close. Hailey turned to the apartment door at the side of the apartment complex. Hailey doesn’t live here. Instead, this is where Chan lives. Hailey wanted to press the buzzer to Chan’s apartment, so he would buzz her in, but instead, she froze there for a second, she remembers Chan no longer wanted to have anything to do with her. An elderly man, that live inside the apartment block turned the key and unlock the front gate.

“You want to come in Miss?” the old man said

Hailey hesitated for a second “Yes, thank you.” She finally said.

She followed the old man in.

The ground floor of the apartment complex, looked like a grand hotel in some way, the floor and walls are decorated by tiles that make the place look extremely classy, there was a reception desk in front of a wall, with a security guard sitting behind the desk, sleeping on the job. On the wall that is facing the reception desk, there are two elevators.

The old man walked into the elevator, Hailey followed him.

“Which floor?” the old man asked

“Level sixteen please.” Hailey said

The old man pressed 9 and 16 on the elevator’s control panel. When they reached level nine, the elevator stopped and the old man walked out. Then the elevator reached level 16 and the elevator door opened again. Hailey walked out. In front of Hailey there was a hallway, with three apartments on both sides, at the end of the hall way, there is a balcony where you see the city night and the glass roof to the shopping Centre below.
Hailey walked towards Chan’s apartment, she knocked on the door.

Chan opened the door and he wasn’t pleased to see Hailey.

“Oh great, what do you want?” Chan said impatiently “Let me guess, Sam again?” Hailey nodded. Sam was Hailey’s boyfriend, they have been living together for two years already and Sam has the tendency of been pretty abusive towards Hailey both psychically and emotionally.

“Look, I told you, I don’t want to have anything to do with you, when you are still with that looser OK?” Chan said.

“Ok” Hailey said, as she slowly turned around

“Wait” Chan said

Hailey turned around to Chan

Chan sighed “Get in” he said

“Thanks” Hailey said as she walked into his apartment.

The apartment’s door is at the north side of the apartment, once you entered the apartment you enter the huge living room, on the East hand side there are three bed rooms, behind the bedrooms there is a huge balcony that runs in an L shape, extending to behind the southern side of the living room. The part of the balcony that is behind the bedrooms is link to the balcony of the neighbor. The balcony of Chan’s apartment included a hot tub.

“Who is it?” Chan’s girlfriend, Emma, walked out from the kitchen

“Hailey again” Chan said

“Well, what are you waiting for? Let her in.” Emma quickly said, letting Hailey into the house.

Chan sighed, “Get in” Chan said

“Thanks” Hailey said, as she walked into the house.

“Why the hell, must we always, take her in, when her man, bash her up?” Chan said unhappily.

“Oh, come on, because you are a lovely person and that is why I love you.” Emma said

“Yeah, I suppose.” Chan said “Hailey can take the couch tonight, I suppose.”

“No, come on, she will take the spare room.” Emma smiled, leading Hailey to the spare bedroom.

There was a bruise on Hailey’s face, she got bashed up by her boyfriend again, this time because she didn’t make Sam’s favor food right.

Chan and Emma own this apartment, they are both the outgoing and like to have fun type, so they love living in the city. They both make a lot of money, so they can afford a place like such, in the city.

Emma let Hailey into the guess room, the two girls sat down on the bed together. Emma looked at Hailey’s black eye,

“Jesus, what happened to you sweet heart? Your eye is swelling up, let me look at that.” Emma said she took a look at Hailey’s black eye “You stay here. I’ll go get you an ice pack.” Emma said and then she left the room.

Emma walked into the master bedroom, which she shares with Chan

“Hey babe, have you seen that ice pack, we bought last week? Hailey’s eye is swelling up.” Emma said

“She’ll be fine. Come to bed.” Chan said

“No seriously come on, where is the ice pack?” Emma said

“On the top shelf, I guess.” Chan replied

“Can you help me reach it babe.” Emma said

“Sure” Chan said, he moved towards Emma, but instead of reaching for the ice pack, Chan grabbed Emma’s waste from behind, let the front of his body, stick close to Emma’s back and started kissing her on the neck.

“Come to bed, baby.” Chan whispered into Emma’s left ear.

Emma giggled “No, seriously, come on, give me the ice pack.” She said still giggling

“Come to bed.” Chan said again, he started kissing Emma, below her left ear.

“Come on help me get the ice pack.” Emma giggled and said

“Alright, alright you win.” Chan said, he grabbed the ice pack off the top shelf and gave it to Emma.

“Thanks” Emma replied, she kissed Chan on the lips, before moving back to Hailey’s room. Chan went back to bed.

Emma walked into the room, inside the room Hailey was still sitting on the bed.

“Here, this is for you.” Emma said, hanging Hailey the ice pack.

“Thanks” Hailey said.

Hailey looked at the election posters, in front of her “Vote 1 Chan Wong.” It wrote

“I can’t believe that he is actually a Federal MP.” Hailey said

“I know, who thought that he actually made it? You know? When he used to say, he wants to become a politician, back in law school, I never thought he actually make it.” Emma said

Hailey smiled.

“Press the ice pack against your eye and try getting some sleep, OK?” Emma said

“Ok” Hailey smiled and said.

Emma left the room.

Hailey tried to get some sleep, but in the room next door, she could hear Emma and Chan having sex, they tried to keep their volume down, but considering Hailey’s bed is next to the share wall, with Emma and Chan’s room, she could still hear everything, but eventually Hailey finally drifted off, asleep.

Chapter One: Part 2 of 3

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