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Chapter 1: Hailey

9 years later, Wednesday Night, 8th June, Sydney

Twenty seven years old, Hailey Walker walked down the street of Sydney’s City. It was a freezing cold night, but the streets of the city’s night, was just as busy as always. In front of her, there is a MacDonald, a movie cinema, a 24 hour Korean Restaurant and a 24 hour Chinese Restaurant. Across the street there is, a five storage tall shopping centre, above the shopping centre there is a twenty storage tall apartment block.

There are two ways to get into the apartment block that is above the shopping centre, one is via the elevator inside the shopping centre, but it require an elevator key to get there, which only the residents have, another way is via the doorway on the side of the apartment complex.

It was almost half pass ten at night and the shopping centre was already close. Hailey turned to the apartment door at the side of the apartment complex. Hailey doesn’t live here. Instead, this is where Chan lives. Hailey wanted to press the buzzer to Chan’s apartment, so he would buzz her in, but instead, she froze there for a second, she remember Chan no longer wanted to have anything to do with her. An elderly man, that live inside the apartment block turned the key and unlock the front gate.

“You want to come in Miss?” the old man said

Hailey hesitated for a second “Yes, thank you.” She finally said.

She followed the old man in.

The ground floor of the apartment complex, looked like a grand hotel in some way, the floor and walls are decorate by tiles that make the place look extremely classy, there was a reception desk in front of a wall, with a security guard sitting behind the desk, sleeping on the job. On the wall that is facing the reception desk, there are two elevators.

The old man walked into the elevator, Hailey followed him.

“Which floor?” the old man asked

“Level sixteen please.” Hailey said

The old man pressed 9 and 16 on the elevator’s control panel. When they reached level nine, the elevator stopped and the old man walked out. Then the elevator reached level 16 and the elevator door opened again. Hailey walked out. In front of Hailey there was a hallway, with three apartments on both sides, at the end of the hall way, there is a balcony where you see the city night and the glass roof to the shopping centre below.

Hailey walked towards Chan’s apartment, she knocked on the door.

Chan opened the door and he wasn’t please to see Hailey.

“Oh great, what do you want?” Chan said impatiently “Let me guess, Sam again?” Hailey nodded. Sam was Hailey’s boy friend, they have been living together for two years already and Sam has the tendency of been pretty abusive towards Hailey both psychically and emotionally.

“Look, I told you, I don’t want to have anything to do with you, when you are still with that looser OK?” Chan said.

“Ok” Hailey said, as she slowly turned around

“Wait” Chan said

Hailey turned around to Chan

Chan sighed “Get in” he said

“Thanks” Hailey said as she walked into his apartment.

The apartment’s door is at the north side of the apartment, once you entered the apartment you enter the huge living room, on the East hand side there are three bed rooms, behind the bedrooms there is a huge balcony that runs in an L shape, extending to behind the southern side of the living room. The part of the balcony that is behind the bedrooms is link to the balcony of the neighbor. The balcony of Chan’s apartment included a hot tub.

“Who is it?” Chan’s girl friend, Emma, walked out from the kitchen

“Hailey again” Chan said

“Well, what are you waiting for? Let her in.” Emma quickly said, letting Hailey into the house.

Chan sighed, “Get in” Chan said

“Thanks” Hailey said, as she walked into the house.

“Why the hell, must we always, take her in, when her man, bash her up?” Chan said unhappily.

“Oh come on, because you are a lovely person and that is why I love you.” Emma said

“Yeah, I suppose.” Chan said “Hailey can take the couch tonight, I suppose.”

“No, come on, she will take the spare room.” Emma smiled, leading Hailey to the spare bedroom.

There was a bruise on Hailey’s face, she got bashed up by her boyfriend again, this time because she didn’t made Sam’s favor food right.

Chan and Emma own this apartment, they are both the out going and like to have fun type, so they love living in the city. They both make a lot of money, so they can afford a place like such, in the city.

Emma let Hailey into the guess room, the two girls sat down on the bed together. Emma looked at Hailey’s black eye,

“Jesus, what happened to you sweet heart? Your eye is swelling up, let me look at that.”Emma said she took a look at Hailey’s black eye “You stay here. I’ll go get you an ice pack.” Emma said and then she left the room.

Emma walked into the master bedroom, which she share with Chan

“Hey babe, have you seen that ice pack, we bought last week? Hailey’s eye is swelling up.” Emma said

“She’ll be fine. Come to bed.” Chan said

“No seriously come on, where is the ice pack?” Emma said

“On the top shelf, I guess.” Chan replied

“Can you help me reach it babe.” Emma said

“Sure” Chan said, he moved towards Emma, but instead of reaching for the ice pack, Chan grabbed Emma’s waste from behind, let the front of his body, stick close to Emma’s back and started kissing her on the neck.

“Come to bed, baby.” Chan whispered into Emma’s left ear.

Emma giggled “No, seriously, come on, give me the ice pack.” She said still giggling

“Come to bed.” Chan said again, he started kissing Emma, below her left ear.

“Come on help me get the ice pack.” Emma giggled and said

“Alright, alright you win.” Chan said, he grabbed the ice pack off the top shelf and gave it to Emma.

“Thanks” Emma replied, she kissed Chan on the lips, before moving back to Hailey’s room. Chan went back to bed.

Emma walked into the room, inside the room Hailey was still sitting on the bed.

“Here, this is for you.” Emma said, hanging Hailey the ice pack.

“Thanks” Hailey said.

Hailey looked at the election posters, in front of her “Vote 1 Chan Wong.” It wrote

“I can’t believe that he is actually a Federal MP.” Hailey said

“I know, who thought that he actually made it? You know? When he used to say, he want to become a politician, back in law school, I never thought he actually make it.” Emma said

Hailey smiled.

“Press the ice pack against your eye and try getting some sleep, OK?” Emma said

“Ok” Hailey smiled and said.

Emma left the room.

Hailey tried to get some sleep, but in the room next door, she could hear Emma and Chan having sex, they tried to keep their volume down, but considering Hailey’s bed is next to the share wall, with Emma and Chan’s room, she could still hear everything, but eventually Hailey finally drifted off, asleep.

The next morning, Thursday morning, 9th June, Sydney

Hailey woke up around 7:30 AM in the morning.

Chan and Emma and their children Long and Ming had already woken up and were
having breakfast.

Chan was wearing a suit and he had his suitcase, sitting in the chair, right next to him. Emma was wearing scrubs. She is a surgeon, within a hospital. Long, the older of the children, was in school uniform, he was in the first grade. After finishing breakfast Chan would take Long to school and Ming to daycare and then go to work, Emma on the other hand, who only worked part time, would pick the kids up after work.

“Good morning” Emma said after seen Hailey walked out of the room

“Hey” Hailey smiled weakly.

Chan took a look at Hailey and then turn back to his food. He couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to Hailey.

“Hi” Hailey smiled at Chan weakly

“Mmm” Chan gave Hailey a slight acknowledgment, without even raising his head.

Hailey’s hair was a mess, but she still looked like an angel, she is one of the hottest girls most guys would probably have ever met, in their life.

Hailey came from a family with a drunk and unemployed father, who bashes her and her mother up on a daily basis. Hailey’s mother worked as a maid, to sustain the family income. When Hailey was ten years old, Hailey’s mother died of bow cancer. A few months, after her mother’s death, Hailey eventually got bashed up by her father so badly, she ended up in hospital, she was finally been send away, to a foster home. First, she was been send to live with her long lost older brother, Johansson, who ran away from home, when he was around Hailey’s age. But a year later, Johansson, who was a Sergeant in the army Commando died, in a training exercise. Since then, Hailey moved from one foster home to another, until she was sixteen, where she worked as a night time checkout girl in a Woolworth Supermarket, to support herself, to finished high school and got into Uni.

Hailey believed there is a formula of life and there is a need to act according to it, as if it is a law and if you don’t act according to it, you will be thrown in jail for the rest of your life and it is probably because of her past, Hailey has became a bit of a dreamer, she started to dream of those fairytale romance and started to believe that is what true love and true happiness is and it become what she want and search for. Hailey loves the story of Cinderella, with the prince charming, coming to Cinderella, sweeping her off her feet and they would live happily ever after. Becoming a fairy tale princess, was what Hailey wanted and searched for. Hailey forgot that fairytales, including Cinderella are just stories, not reality, they are fiction, not none fiction, just like a soap opera, which are fictions, constructed by a group of writers, sitting in a big meeting room, rushing to make up a story line, to fill the audiences’ desires, in next week’s episode. Plus, Cinderella’s story, only say she and the Prince, live happily ever after, but never give a justifiable excuse of, why that is the case.

During her first year in university, when she was eighteen years old, Hailey met Sam, a guy that was studying Hospitality in TAFE, it turns out Sam is the type of guy that would bash up his girl friend, he has an explosive temper and he has no way or interest in controlling it. If you are walking on the street and you look at Sam the wrong way, he would come up to you and want to bash you up and he has little respect for Hailey or care for Hailey.

But in the same time, Sam is also the type of guy, who would sweep a girl off her feet and since the very first day they started dating, Sam would tell Hailey how beautiful she is, how special she is, take her to romantic restaurant on her birthday, valentine day, Christmas and sometime just for no particular reason and he did everything in his power, to portray himself, as a character that will make Hailey fell safe with him, as a protector and it is probably because of that and her own long search for Cinderella romance, which Hailey wanted and believes in so badly, that Hailey unconsciously trapped herself in this relationship, due to these romantic gestures, which Sam offers. It is just like a loving mother, who put up with a bad relationship, just to be with her kids or a woman, who might put up with a bad relationship, just to stay married, to a rich man, there are some forms of conscious or unconscious pay off, for them to stay in those relationships.

As silly, as this might sound, to some people, Hailey was far too much in the mist of things, to see things clearly. Plus, how would she accept the fact, the fairytale and Cinderella romance, which she believes so much, are just stories?

In relationship to the abusive nature of Sam, Hailey choose to believe that this is merely a “no pain, no gain” situation and choose to believe that, true happiness require sacrifice.

Chan actually liked Hailey, when they first met, but Hailey had been dating Sam, for about a month by then, so Chan moved onto other girls.

Chan noticed there was something a bit off about Sam, right from the beginning, but because he liked Hailey during that time, he believed his judgment might be compromised and therefore decided to keep his silence.

For some odd reason, nobody really understands, Chan became the person, Hailey started to turn to, whenever she has relationship problem with Sam. Despite the fact that Chan moved onto other girls, he originally, still treated Hailey like a friend and as a result, listened to her, wining emotional problem, in the beginning.

However, as time passed, Chan eventually started to loose patient with Hailey, especially considering the fact, Hailey would defend Sam at all cost, when Chan speak ill of him. Plus, Chan never trusted Hailey 100%, he always kept in mind, there might be a slim possibility, with a plot twist and Hailey might turn out to be the one that really have a problem.

Chan is not a mind reader, but his instinct tells him, Hailey is in denial and is lying to herself, but he did not know why and the only advise he could give Hailey is that nobody could help her, other then herself and she need to, admit she got a problem, whatever that is and talk to a psychologist about it. An advice, Hailey was not willing to take up.

Eventually, Chan lost patient with Hailey and no longer want anything to do with her and after Hailey and Sam dated for around one year, Chan cut Hailey off completely and if it wasn’t for Emma, Chan still wouldn’t want anything to do with Hailey.

Emma and Chan met in a bar. When they first met, Chan was looking for nothing more, then a booty call and he got one out of Emma, but one week later, his mother came to visit from Hong Kong and to try to get his mother to stop nagging him, to find a girl and settle down, on a constant basis, he called Emma up and asked her out. Chan only asked Emma out, because he wanted to get his mum, to stop nagging him.

Unlike most people, Chan and his brothers Tang and Wang and his sister Mulan, doesn’t see the important of finding a girl, getting married, starting a family and have kids, as far as they consider, they can live with or without it. So, they are not eager to find a soul mate, in fact, they doesn’t care whether they find one or not and that worried the hell out of their conservative mother.

Chan was originally planning to dump Emma, the second his mother return to Asia and if it wasn’t because his mother stayed for a three whole month, Chan would never find quality within Emma, which make he finally decided to give Emma a real shot, which is the fact Chan got everything to gain from this relationship and nothing to loose, that he actually enjoy spending time with Emma enough that been in a committed relationship with her, felt opposite to feeling suffocating and considering the fact Emma is knock out hot, making it pretty cool to show her off to his friends, so after two years of dating, one preen-up that Emma signed and that she is Ok for Chan to put their house under Chan’s mother’s name, so he won’t lost everything in a separation, Chan and Emma moved in together.

Then, two years ago, Sam and Hailey moved in together. Before Sam and Hailey moved in together, Sam would only hurt Hailey on emotional bases, but after half a year, they’ve been living together, Sam started hitting Hailey too and those attacks Sam conducted, are physical assault.

Chan started to become the person, Hailey turns to, whenever she is having problem with Sam. Chan still want nothing to do with Hailey, but consider the fact he hasn’t seen Hailey for almost nine years, he figure whatever problem that caused Hailey to trap herself in that relationship, is gone and decided to help her again, by letting her sleep on the couch.

But it turns out, Hailey still hasn’t change and once it became obvious to Chan, he started wanting nothing to do with Hailey again.

Coincidentally, Emma and Hailey went to high school together and now because of Sam and Chan, Emma and Hailey got back in contact and are now BFF.

Chan has already lost patient with Hailey again and if it isn’t because of Emma, he would already gone from only letting Hailey sleep on the couch, to only allow Hailey to sleep in the hallway out side his apartment, to stuffing her in a motel somewhere he can’t see and then finally close the door on Hailey forever, again.

“So are you going to work today?” Emma said

“Yap” Hailey said

“Are you coming back here, afterwards?” Emma asked

“I’ll go home.” Hailey said

“Why am I not so surprise, it is always the same drill.” Chan said dryly. “I swear to god, if my kids ever ended up in a school you teach in, I am pulling them out of that school, right away.” Chan said

“So, you think, I won’t be a good mother?” Hailey asked

Chan frowned “Are you fucked kidding me? Look at you, you can’t even take care of yourself and you even got a horrible taste in man, A.K.A jackass guy. I swear to god. Why you don’t, just dump his, looser ass, already?” Chan said

“Stop calling him that, he is not a looser. If you keep calling him that, I am going to get angry.” Hailey said

“Why am I not so surprised?” Chan said. He couldn’t be bothered to pay more attention to Hailey and turned his attention to the kids.

“Come on kids. Let’s go.” Chan said.

Chan stood up and started walking towards the front door. The children got off their chairs and ran to the front door.

“I’ll see you tonight.” Chan said to Emma.

Emma smiled “See you tonight.”

Chan and Emma kissed on the lips.

“Bye.” Hailey said

“Yeah, whatever” Chan replied

Then, Chan walked to the front door and open it, then he and the children exit the house and then Chan shut the door behind him. Inside the house, Emma and Hailey could hear the sound of Chan and the children outside for a few seconds and then it started to fade and finally disappear.

“Come on, you have to try my cooking.” Emma said

“Thanks, but I’m not hungry.” Hailey replied

“Try it or I’ll get angry.” Emma smiled

Hailey took a look at Emma. Hailey smiled and try a bit of food. It is only now, Hailey realized how hungry she is, she felt she could eat an entire horse, but she choose to remain polite and only ate a little.

“It is good.” Hailey smiled after she finished.

“You see, I told you.” Emma replied “Come on, I’ll drive you to work.” Emma said

Hailey let Emma gave her a ride to work.

Hailey is a primary school teacher. Emma drove her car to the primary school where Hailey worked. Hailey got off the car.

“Thanks.” Hailey smiled

“You sure you don’t want to come back to my place, after work?” Emma said

“No, I’m fine, thanks.” Hailey replied

“Alright, I’ll see you around then.” Emma said and then she drove off.

Hailey walked into the school.

“Good morning” said Angela, while bumping into Hailey in the school hallway

“Good morning.” Hailey replied

“Jesus! What happened to your eye?” Angela asked, when she saw Hailey’s black eye

“I tripped over the bath tub last night.” Hailey lied. Hailey never told anybody at work, anything about her situation with Sam, as far as they know is that she is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend and that is all.

At lunch time, Hailey walked towards the school’s stuff room to grab her lunch, upon her desk there was a big basket, inside it, there was a dozen of roses, a huge teddy bear and a box of chocolate. There was a card inside the basket too. Hailey took a look at the card, it is from Sam.

“Oh, how sweat, you see my husband would never do something like this for me. He can’t even remember our wedding anniversary. He comes home on the night of our wedding anniversary after work, had dinner and then goes balling with his mates from high school.” Angela said, as she walked up from behind.

Hailey smiled. “Yeah, I really am lucky.” Hailey said softly.

“How many men still remember to send his girl flowers like this after all these years? Angela’s husband can’t even remember their wedding anniversary. I really am lucky.” Hailey thought to herself, ignoring all the physical and emotional abuse Sam do to her, including the fact that one year ago, Sam legally married the daughter of a rich man, who live up in the Gold Coast, for the money, after he only know the rich girl for two months.

Hailey smiled.

School finished around three thirty in the afternoon, by four o’clock, all children in Hailey’s class, have gone home. Hailey quickly packed up her stuff, walked out of the school and started walking towards the train station to go home.

“Hi” A familiar voice stopped Hailey’s footstep. It was Sam.

Hailey turned around. Sam was standing next to his car.

“Hi” Hailey said

“Did you get the basket I gave you?” Sam asked

“Yes, it is nice, thank you.” Hailey replied

“I know you like Lilly, but they only have Roses, but here is a Lilly.” Sam smiled, hanging the one Lilly that he got upon his hands to Hailey.

Hailey took the flower. She smelled it and smiled “Thanks. I love it.”

“I am sorry for loosing my temper yesterday I…”Sam’s sentence is cut off.

“It’s Ok.” Hailey said

Sam smiled “I don’t know what I did, to deserve you. You are such a great girl.” Sam said “Come on, let’s go home.” Sam continued

“Ok,” Hailey replied.

“Hey, Hailey!” Emma’s voice, burst into existence, from behind.

Emma noticed Hailey, left her cell phone at her and Chan’s apartment and decided to drive by Hailey’s school, to give it to her.

Sam turned his head around and the second he saw Emma, everything became like a mafia standoff.

“Emma Simpson” Sam looked seriously and said

“Sam Brown” Emma replied

Emma and Sam met twice before, both times Emma saved Hailey from been bash up by Sam.

“What do you want?” Sam asked Emma

“None of your business” Emma replied and then she turned to Hailey. “You left your cell phone.” Emma said

“You stay the FUCK away from my girl friend, you fucked lesbian!!!” Sam finally lost his temper again. He waved his fist towards Emma, ignoring the fact Emma, is a girl.

Emma made a swift move to the left and kicked Sam in the stomach, her two years of Kick boxing training, was paying off.

Sam felled to the ground. Emma moved back and waited for Sam to make his move.

Sam grabbed a metal bar that was on the ground next to him. He stood up and waved it towards Emma. Emma jumped backwards, and then she kicked Sam twice, once in the stomach and once on his face.

Sam fell to the ground. Emma went to take Sam’s metal bar, away from him and throw it into the river, across the road. Sam was in too much pain to refuse. Emma grabbed the metal bar away from Sam, when she did that Hailey thought Emma, was going to use that metal bar to hit Sam and she quickly ran to Sam’s defense.

“No, Emma, don’t do it.” Hailey quickly said

Emma took a quick look at Hailey and threw the metal bar into the river, as she originally planed and then return to Hailey.

“Come on, you are coming to stay at our place tonight.” Emma said

“I’ll be fine. I’ll go home.” Hailey said

“You sure?” Emma frowned

Hailey nodded.

Emma took a look at Sam, who was still on the ground. “You better don’t let me down punk.” Emma said, and then she walked back to her car and drove away.

“You Ok, sweetie?” Hailey went to Sam’s side and said

Normally, Sam would slap Hailey right across the face, under this sort of circumstances, putting out the anger he gain from such embarrassment on Hailey, but consider what happened yesterday, Sam decided to restrain himself, from hitting Hailey, today.

“I’m fine.” Sam replied as Hailey helped him to his feet.

“Look I really don’t want you to hang out with that Emma girl any more Ok?” Sam said

Hailey nodded “Ok.” She replied.

Hailey helped Sam into the car’s passenger seat, and then she went to sit in the driver seat and drove the car home.

Hailey and Sam live in an apartment within the suburbs. It is actually kind of funny to refer to this place as Hailey and Sam’s apartment, this especially considering the fact Sam only spend one or two days living here, every one or two week. Sam worked up in the Gold Coast and that was where he spent most of his time.

Sam and Hailey got off the car.

“Go take a bath, dinner will be ready soon.” Sam said

Hailey nodded.

Hailey walked into the bathroom, inside the bathroom, the bath tub was been filled by steaming hot bubble bath.

“Nobody ever do anything like this for me. I really am a lucky girl.” Hailey thought to herself.

Hailey took off her pink sweater and navy blue jean and laid it against the chair next to the bathroom’s door. There were a few bruises on her back, she got those from the yesterday, when Sam hit her, there was also a scar mark of been wiped by a belt, she got that from Sam six months ago.

Hailey slowly walked into the water and sat down and relax.

A few minutes later, Sam walked in, with a glass of champagne and gave it to Hailey.

“Dinner would be ready soon.” Sam said

“Thanks” Hailey said

In the same time in Chan and Emma’s apartment

“I heard you went to see Hailey after work today.” Chan said to Emma, they just finished dinner and were washing the dishes in the kitchen.

“She forgot her mobile at our house. I swine by the place she work, to give it to her.” Emma said

“Was Sam there?” Chan asked

“Yes, how did you know?” Emma asked

“I’m psychic. I know everything.” Chan joked “Just a lucky guess. I figure he would show up at the place she works, under this sort of circumstances, just in case Hailey have some good friend that is starting to talk some sense into her.” Chan said

“He showed up, but I am not certain about intention.” Emma said

“I am never certain about his intention either. It is just a guess, assuming Hailey is speaking the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, when it comes to her relationship with Sam.” Chan replied

“What do you mean?” Emma asked

“Maybe she is telling the truth when it come to her relationship with Sam, maybe she is not, maybe she is not telling the whole truth, maybe she is telling the whole truth, maybe she is telling some truth and some lie. I don’t know.” Chan replied

“You don’t trust her?” Emma asked

“No” Chan replied

“Well, I believe her. Sam tried to attack me today.” Emma said. It is not something she wants to tell Chan, it just accidentally slipped out of her mouth.

“He what?!” Chan frowned and said

“But it’s Ok, my two years of Tai-Kong Dow and Kick Boxing training paid off. I knocked him down.” Emma quickly said

“Well, are you alright? Are you hurt?” Chan asked

“Yes, I’m fine. I was so good that he didn’t even have an opportunity to touch me.” Emma said.

“Was the kids there?” Chan asked

“No, they weren’t” Emma said

“Look, I don’t want you to have anything to do with them anymore. This has gone way too far. I mean that is attempt physical assault. I mean, I don’t mind giving Hailey a place to crash, when she say she is getting bash up by her guy, assuming she is telling the truth, but that is under the circumstances where I know you and the kids would remain safe. I really don’t want you to have anything to do with her anymore, Ok?” Chan said

“I can look after myself and as for the kids. I won’t let anything happen to them.” Emma said

“You got lucky this time, but what if he brings muscle the next time or a knife?” Chan said

“Look, Hailey is one of my best friends, I can’t just abandon her.” Emma said

“This is not a laughing matter…” Chan’s sentence was been cut off

“I’ll be fine.” Emma said

Chan knows that nothing he say, could stop her, not unless he tie her up in the house and won’t let her leave and he is not intending to do something like that.

Chan sighed “Fine, just promise me one thing. Make sure the kids would remain safe in this Ok?” Chan said

“Of course” Emma smiled. She kissed Chan on the chick.

“We are out of milk, I am going to the super market down stair to buy some and by the way check out that new music store they got. You want anything?” Chan asked

“Yap, some shampoo too, would you, the brand I normally use.” Emma said

Chan smiled “Alright” he said

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